Conce a Mil returns to celebrate its eleven versions in the region with six productions in person. From January 14 to February 1, shows with national and international artists will be presented with paid admission and also free of charge.

As in previous versions, and after two years of absence due to the pandemic, the Biobío region will once again be the stage for great exponents of the performing arts, thanks to a new edition of Conce a Mil, which will take place between January 14 and February 1, with performances in the municipality of Concepción.

Among the productions to be presented is Grisú (esta obra no está terminada), local production by Dramaturgia Clandestina, which was selected by a local jury of artists from the region especially for this edition of the festival. But in addition to being shown at the Artistas del Acero Cultural Center, this play will have an extension at the Arauco Cultural Center.

In a special way, La edad de la tierra will also be presented, a piece by Colectivo Inhabitado, which is part of the Territorios Creativos program. The play will have free performances only in Cañete, the city where the theatrical group was born in 2005.

We invite you to learn more about the work of these local artists and to participate in this theatrical event that, this year more than ever, wants to celebrate and celebrate the importance of the arts in people's lives.

Conce a Mil is presented by Fundación Teatro a Mil, the Municipality of Concepción and Teatro Biobío. The presentations in Cañete and Arauco are supported by the respective municipalities. The festival's presence in the Biobío Region is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, a project under the Cultural Donations Law.